Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Baaack

from my first trip over to England....My husband and I (plus the two littlest ones) went "back home" to visit his family (which was GREAT for me - did I mention my only-child-syndrome?)...I saw the most amazing countryside - absolutely beautiful in it's own right. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful for it's grandeur and majesty and England for it's cultivated beauty (the Cotswolds) and atmospheric vistas (The Lake District)

...and did I mention all the sheep everywhere...I didn't look hard but I didn't see skeins of wool just dripping off the trees (or at least a shop on every corner). Perhaps the next time around....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Presenting my present

Welcome my first attempt at two color stranded knitting and mitten making...I'm so addicted to both...These little ones are a gift to my cousin, Cheryl, who thought of my family at Christmas time....I hope she makes good use of them this coming winter...As I had stated, I'm hooked and am currently working on two mittens - the same pair color reversed and another Selbuvotter in a dark colored lace-weight yarn- just in case I forgot to wear my "I'm a sadist" button today...Double 00s I think to get the gauge right...Isn't it funny - the more I knit with tiny needles the more adjusted I get to them...The thought of knitting with anything larger than a 5 seems just sooo humongous!